Estelle Eco Tweed DK


Eco Tweed DK is the ultimate yarn for all your skin-friendly projects, be it a sweater, shawl or classic accessories! Although the GOTS categorizes all shorn animal fibers as “wool,” (which aligns with the Canadian Government Textile Labelling Standards) this yarn is actually a blend of Wool, Alpaca, and Cellulosic Viscose (Lyocell). The Alpaca adds to the natural softness of this yarn, while the Cellulosic Viscose (Lyocell) component constitutes 25% of the blend and gives it an eco-friendly edge. Unlike many other viscose fibers, the process used to create Lyocell for Eco Tweed DK is entirely benign and free of toxic chemicals. In addition, the woolen spun technique used in making this yarn traps more air alongside the fibers, providing a larger number of meters per skein. Expect a softer, lightweight, and elastic knit with a luxurious finish when you choose Eco Tweed DK!

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