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Lumos & Lumos Knitting Light


Lumos & Lumos Knitting Light is a small portable light that is statistically proven and ophthalmologist-approved to change the way you craft for the better.

Choose the best light temperature and brightness for your needs. Each light setting utilizes a combination of the market-leading light wavelengths to help you overcome a multitude of crafting problem. Prevent your pains, avoid mistakes, and craft much more with joy with just 1 simple device.

  • 3 different color temperatures, yellow (3000K), white (6000K), and warm white (4000K)
  • Infinitely adjustable brightness
  • Lightweight design only weighs 3.4 oz
  • Rechargeable with built-in 1000mAh battery, and included usb cable.
  • Charges in 2 hours and lasts more than 8 hours at one go.
  • Skin-friendly, no sweat, soft to touch premium silicone coating
  • Super flexible
  • Completely hands-free
  • Each lamp head works independently
  • Doesn’t affect your sleeping cycle with no flicker and blue light blocking setting
  • Spotlight design doesn’t disturb people around you.

How to use:

  • Place the light on your neck.
  • Press the buttons on each head to turn on the lights.
  • Press the button again to change the color temperature.
  • Press and hold the button to adjust the brightness.
  • Start crafting anytime anywhere without any worries!
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