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The Norwegian Knitting Thimble from Prym is made of high-quality stainless spring steel and is the perfect accessory for knitting modern or classic Norwegian patterns. It is also especially suitable for Fair Isle knitting, and all types of knitted patterns with two colours.

The Norwegian Knitting Thimble prevents yarns from being knotted or twisted together during knitting. This burr-free, spiral-shaped ring fits comfortably on your finger and guarantees a secure hold. Both opposing eyelets make it incredibly easy to thread two different-coloured yarns in a parallel manner, preventing tangling. This knitting accessory from Prym will make every two-coloured knitting pattern a flawless success!

  • For Norwegian and other two-coloured patterns
  • Perfect thread guidance when knitting with two colours
  • Comfortable hold thanks to burr-free spring steel
  • 2 metal eyelets for threading the yarn
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